Hiking up Table Mountain through Dark Gorge

Dark Gorge doesn’t actually take you all the way up onto the highest point of Table Mountain. It takes you up the Eastern side of the saddle that lies between Devils Peak and Table Mountain so you can use it as a starter for either peak.

The route starts in Newlands Forest and quickly rises to the contour path. From here the gorge climbs steeply through wonderful indigenous forest. As this is not a well worn path the route is marked by cairns and you do have to find your way past some areas of thicker vegetation and rocks.

Table Mountain walks

The first part of the gorge is steep and not well marked

About half an hour after leaving the contour path you reach a rocky ledge. Here the gorge splits in 2. Dark gorge is on the left (facing the mountain)

The route is not clear and can be very slippery especially in the winter. It is easier to hug the left hand side of the gorge and use tree routes for hand and foot holds. Especially in the last 20 metres there are a lot of loose rocks so be careful of those behind you.

Table Mountain hikes

Looking down the narrow scramble

Once on top the scramble is well worth it as the views are wonderful.

Table Mountain hike

The view from the top