Circular Table Mountain hikes

A wonderful circular  hike on Table Mountain begins and ends at Suikerbossie restuarant in Hout Bay. This is a day hike that should take you about 6 hours to complete. There is some scrambling and especially in winter there may be some very slippery bits. However this is a wonderful hike. Really off the beaten track and with a wonderful variety of views. I recommend doing it in the anti clockwise direction as suggested below as Myburghs waterfall ravine is not a nice or safe route to descend the mountain.

(Please note this route is not safe to hike during the winter and should not be attempted without someone who is familiar with the route or an experienced scramble hiker) Contact Ridgway Ramblers for more information on guided hikes.

Turn into the restuarant off the main road and park your car on the left before the road turn sharply to the left and up to the restaurant. You start your hike on a well marked path that leads up beside the fence of the Ruyterplaats housing development.

The start of the trail at Suikerbossie restuarant

The path at the start of the hike is well marked

The path is steep to begin with and follows the bounday fence of the estate. As you get beyond the fence turn right and begin to follow the path as it contours around the base of the mountain. You will pass several paths leading up the mountain. Ignore these and continue around the mountain.  After about 30 minutes the path dips down into Myburghs ravine. Cross the stream and continue along the path to the next thickly wooded ravine. This is Myburghs waterfall and your route up the mountain.

Myburghs waterfall

The start of the gorge is in wonderful indigenous forest

The path up the Ravine follows the left hand side of the river to begin with. Although the path itself is not always clear, you just keep following the course of the stream. You need to boulder hop in a couple of places and especially when it is wet need to be very careful of slipping.   After about 15 minutes you come to a particularly dramatic and beautiful waterfall.

Myburghs waterfall Table Mountain

The stunning waterfall reached shortly after starting up the gorge

Once at the top of the ravine the path levels out and leads through thick fynbos towards Llandudno. After about 20 minutes on this path it joins the main 12 Apostles path that leads from Llandudno to the cableway.

The 12 Apostles path

The path joins the main 12 Apostles path

Turn left onto this path and pass Judas peak on your left as the path begins a gradual descent towards the sea. After about 10 minutes down this gradual slope look for a path leading off to your right. Follow this path as it leads steeply down Llandudno ravine. The ravine is steep and very loose underfoot. There are staples in sections to assist your descent but again, be aware of those on the path below you.

Llandudno ravine

Llandudno ravine is steep and loose underfoot

After the scramble you get onto a contour path that takes you for 15 minutes along the contour towards Hout Bay before another couple of small scrambles take you down to a wooded area. Follow the path straight down hill until it joins up with your original path of the morning.

Join Ridgway Ramblers on a guided hike to explore those parts of the mountain that are off the beaten track