A birthday Table Mountain hike

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a hike on Table Mountain. Whatever your age or fitness level, just getting out with a bunch of friends into the great outdoors can make it the best birthday party of your life.

Tess of Noordhoek chose a 2 day hike on Table Mountain with her 4 best friends as the best way to celebrate her 15th birthday.

The group on top of Table Mountain

The team at the top of Nursery Ravine

After meeting at the Wash house in Cape Town here we dropped off a coolbox of food and goodies and all our overnight kit we drove to Cecelia Forest to begin the hike. From the parking area we hiked quickly up onto the contour path from where we headed to Nursery Ravine. Once on top of the mountain we had planned to have lunch on the beach at the top of Skeleton Gorge however there was a cool wind blowing across the reservoir so we retreated to the top of Skeleton Gorge for a lunch break.

Hiking up Nurseery Ravine

Taking a break on the way up Table Mountain

After lunch we quickly visited the waterworks museum and then followed the cement road to the Overseers Cottage, our overnight spot. An hour after arrival everyone was relaxed infront on the fire with a cup of hot chocolate playing a game of 30 seconds. The time flew by and by 6pm everyone was heading for a hot shower before settling down to a supper. After the excercise of the day everyone was asleep soon after they finished eating.

relaxing after the days hike

Relaxing at the Overseers Cottage after the days hiking

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