The Cecilia waterfall hike on Table Mountain

Many people ask me what my favourite hike on Table Mountain is, and although I find it difficult to choose, the Cecilia Waterfall hike is always special. Its not long or particularly hectic, but has the most amazing scenery.

It is found between Kirstenbosch Gardens and Cecilia forest on the Southern suburbs side of the mountain. The circular hike  should take you less than 2 hours to complete and although there is a bit of a climb to get the waterfall itself its really not too strenuous.

Cecilia Waterfall

Cecilia Waterfall. Table Mountain.

The big rainstorm we had in November which caused a lot of erosion on thi area of the mountain has caused some enormous changes to the area. Several of the large trees that were overhanging the “grotto” were brought down, and one whole side of the waterfall has been washed away.

However none of the beauty has been lost at all.