You can still visit Cape Town despite the drought

It is still very possible to have a rewarding and enjoyable holiday in Cape Town despite the drought that has been given such exposure world wide. That we are the first major city to be suffering such a major shortage is giving us the opportunity to develop new ways of reducing water consumption. Water is an essential ingredient to life that in the 20th century many of us took very much for granted. However climate change and growing population means that we need to reassess our lifestyles and the many changes that we Capetonians have made are now the new normal. And it is amazing how easy it is to reduce personal consumption by 50% without feeling even slightly deprived!

It seems madness now to think of washing the car or watering the lawn with drinkable water! A grey water system that channels shower water onto the lawn is simple to install. Or even better plant indigenous plants that don’t require regular watering. Rain water is easily channelled into containers and can be used to wash the car and the floors.

When you visit the city you can help us by having one short shower a day and by not insisting the towels and sheets be changed daily. Switch off the tap whilst brushing your teeth and be mindful of water when washing your hands, Only use a washing machine for personal laundry when you have a full load.

None of these measures should inconvenience you or influence your enjoyment of your time with us.

We welcome you to Cape Town. It is still the most beautiful city in the world.