Cape Town hikes

The wind in Cape Town is a vital component of the character of the city and Table Mountain. The South Easterly wind is known as the Cape Doctor as it blows any pollution out of the city bowl and creates the famous Table Cloth on Table Mountain. 


The Table Cloth on Table Mountain

The south Easterly wind creates a cloud that sits on Table Mountain


These conditions then are not perfect for a hike up Table Mountain if you have limited time. A full day hike on the back table is always magic whatever the conditions, but if you were planning a half day hike up either India Venster or Platteklip Gorge you may be disapponted. India Venster because it may be unsafe in extremely strong winds and Platteklip Gorge because as the cable car is closed in extremely high winds you may also have to hike down, which if you have bad knees or less than 4 to 5 hours available may be impossible.

Plan B is a hike up Lions Head.

This smaller peak which is right beside Table Mountain has much the same views as you would get from the top of Table Mountain. In fact the 360 degree views are actually better as you can stand in one spot to see them all. It should take you about 3 hours to go up and down the mountain.

Lions Head Cape Town

The peak of Lions Head is completely free from cloud

During the South Easter whilst the Table Cloth sits firmly on Table Mountain the top of Lions Head is usually clear and unless the wind is extremely strong much of the hike up Lions Head is sheltered.

The view of Clifton beach

Thew view of Clifton beach from Lions Head

Thus when the wind is howling in Cape Town, one of the best hikes to do is up Lions Head. The views will be great, you’ll be able to work up an appetite and still be down in time for whatever you have planned for the afternoon.

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