What is winter like in Cape Town?

Cape Town situated at the tip of South Africa has very different climate conditions to the rest of the country. The climate is described as mediterranean with hot dry summers and mild wet winters.

Being in the Southern hemisphere the winter months are from June through to August and although we do expect some rain, and even the odd pretty violent storm over that period, we also get plenty of days which would rival the best English summers day and are absolutely perfect for hiking.

The average day time temperature through these months is 18′ C  (64’F) with an average night time temperature of 8’C (47’F) while the average number of rainy days in July is 11, it is 13 in August.

So the answer is a very definite yes. You can hike on Table Mountain during our winter. In fact it is one of the best times to do so. As with any hiking you do need to have some warm and wet weather gear with you, but you don’t have to carry nearly as much water as you do in the summer. You can also start later in the day!.

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