In answer to the question, Can I hike on Table Mountain in the winter is a resounding yes, yes, yes!

Cape Town enjoys a Mediterranean climate of hot dry summers and mild wet winters. However this does not mean that every day in winter (June, July and August) are wet and miserable. Quite the opposite in fact.

During the winter months we enjoy many days that are absolutely beautiful. Our average day time temperature during the winter is a nice 17 degrees C and we can enjoy days on end without a drop of rain. When the storms hit they are usually hard and furious for a couple of days and then the sun comes out again.

The view from Table Mountain

Walking on the iconic Table Mountain is good at any time of the year

This means many days that are pleasantly cool and dry. In other words perfect hiking weather! A plus to hiking during the winter is that your pack is lighter as you don’t need to carry so much water.

One of the best days to be on the mountain is the day before a cold front rolls in. You can actually see the clouds approaching on the West and engulfing the suburbs on that side of the mountain.


Lions Head viewed from Table Mountain

The mist engulfing Lions Head as a cold front rolls in


So if you are in Cape Town this winter, don’t hesitate to plan to hike.