Beach and Fynbos hiking in Cape Town

A walk in Cape Town is always special and always has something different that cannot be seen in many other places. Beaches, fynbos, shipwrecks, indigenous forest, wonderful views are all things which are found in plentiful supply in the area and all add up to make a walk here truly memorable.

A wonderful walk that combines as many of these sights as possible is divided into 2, with a short drive inbetween.

 Beach walking in Cape Town

Section 1 takes you along Kommetjie beach to the Kakapo shipwreck. Kommetjie beach which is found on the Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula about 40 minutes drive from Cape Town is a classic white beach. Never crowded and always beautiful.

The view of Chapmans Peak from Long Beach

Long Beach. Kommetjie

You walk along the beach for about 40 minutes with glorious views of Chapmans Peak, Hout Bay and the Sentinal. Where the beach turn to the left and heads towards Noordhoek you cross a small stream that runs into the corner of the beach here. The wreck is found another 15 minutes walk from this stream. This is the remains of a steamship that ran aground in 1900. The ribs of the ship are still clearly visible sticking out of the sand and show both the shape and size of the ship. The large boiler is the most visible part of the ship remaining.


The boiler of the Kakapo

The remains of the Kapako shipwreck on Noordhoek beach

After a well deserved break at the wreck, you can either retrace your steps to Kommetjie or, if you have a driver continue along the beach to Noordhoek. (The wreck is found pretty much half way between Noordhoek and Kommetjie so the return journey should take you +/- 1 hour in either direction.

A short hike in the Silvermine Nature Reserve

Part 2 of this combo hike is then in the Silvermine Nature Reserve found at the top of Ou Kaapse Weg. Drive to the top of the pass and turn left into Silvermine West. (From Kommetjie this is a 20 minute drive.) Immediately after the entrance turn left and park in the parking area. The fynbos part of the hike now takes you along the “river trail” This delightful path leads gently uphill to the Silvermine reservoir. Much of the path is in the shade of beautiful indigenous trees such as the Keurboom. A small stream with the characteristically brown fynbos water runs along side the path adding to the character and beauty of the path.


The path is shady in many places

The beautifully shady river walk in Silvermine Nature reserve



Inbetween the trees many of the typical plants of the Fynbos plant Kingdom are found. After about an hour you find yourself at the reservoir. Here you have several choices. Either continue on one of the many trails in the area, retrace your steps back to the car or take a swim in the reservoir.


Beautiful Watsonias

The Watsonia is just one of the fynbos plants you may see in the area

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