Another wonderful hike on Table Mountain

I can never really say which hike on Table Mountain is my favourite, but hole in the wall has to feature in the top five somewhere. Its a wonderful route right off the beaten track. I don’t think I have ever met anyone else on this route. It is an easy scramble with a wonderful mixture of indigenous forestry, wonderful views, caves and overhangs.

To get there go up Constantia Nek or from Ceceilia forest to the Overseers Cottage. Almost directly opposite the cottage take the path that leads to the left alongside the De Villiers reservoir. At the far end of the reservoir instead of following the path down to the dam wall, follow a smaller path that goes straight ahead. This path leads to 2 great routes. Bushmans overhand and Hole in the wall.

Almost immediately the views of Orange Kloof appear below you, while behind is the reservoir and Southern suburbs.

Table Mountain hiking

Looking back towards the De Villiers reservoir

Keep following the path for about 20 minutes through some overgrown vegetation and across a rocky outcrop. After a drop down into a wonderful foresty little section the path splits. Take the path to your right that leads up through a hole in the rock. (after which this route is named)

Once through the hole continue up and to the right. Through more forest with amazing old mans beard lichen hanging down until after a very easy scramble you emerge on top of the ridge. You now follow a vague path along the top of the ridge and to the right. You now get views of the Victoria reservoir and back of Table Mountain whilst immediately on your right is a beautiful valley squeezed between 2 rocky outcrops filled with caves, potholes and indigenous forest.

There are some very easy scrambles until the path leads you back to the left so you overlook Orange Kloof again. Finally you drop down to a clear path through head high restios. You can choose to take a right turn and head to the jeep track or left and back onto the bushmans cave path that will take you back to De Villiers reservoir.