Another favourite hike on Table Mountain

Tranquility Cracks are one of those strange and wonderful natural features of Table Mountain that I can visit again and again and never cease to enjoy the beauty of this wonder. Tranquility cracks is basically a labyrinth of corridors through a large section of the mountain with trees that grow in the shelter of the rocks reaching for the light.

Tranquility Cracks. Table Mountain

Magnificent yellow woods mark the entrance to Tranquility Cracks

The cracks are found on Slangholie buttress. The best way to reach them is via Corridor ravine and the Pipe Track. At the top of corridor ravine turn left onto the 12 Apostles path and walk for less than 5 minutes. You’ll see a small but clear path leading off to your left. Take this and follow it for about 20 minutes. At times it is covered in the thick fynbos but is generally clear until after a sweeping turn to the right it seems to disappear. In front of you is the rocky outcrop where you will find the cracks.

To get into the cracks just follow your nose along the front of this outcrop. There is a couple of small scrambles over large rocks until you see a passage leading up into the rock past a couple of yellow woods.

Tranquility Cracks. Table Mountain

Tranquility Cracks. A labyrinth of rock corridors

Once inside the labyrinth it is quite amazing and well worth the time exploring a bit. Sometimes you need to squeeze through small gaps and some of the corridors do come to a dead end.

Tranquility Cracks. Table Mountain

Tranquility cracks

Eventually you come out the other side of the outcrop. Follow the path to where it meets another and turn left. This path will lead you back onto the main 12 Apostles path about 100m from where you left it.

Beware of exploring on a cloudy or misty day.

It is very easy to become disoriented inside the mountain and there are several possible exits so you could end up following a path leading you away from the cracks in entirely the wrong direction if you are not careful. When in doubt retrace your steps and leave the same way you got in.

Contact us for a guided hike on Table Mountain to visit Tranquility cracks and some of the mountains other secrets.