A steep hike up Table Mountain

To describe any route on Table Mountain as steep is perhaps silly as all the routes are steep. However I really do believe that Woody gorge is one of the steepest. No fiddling around with zig zags as per Platteklip gorge here. This route really is pretty much straight up.

Woody gorge is found on the Atlantic side on Table Mountain between Kasteelspoort and Slangholie ravine. It is accessible from the Pipe track. Due to a rock fall a few years ago this route is officially closed however apart from a couple of exceedingly minor scrambles its a very straight forward route with no exposure.

The sign at the bottom of Woody ravine

Woody ravine is officially closed

The first part of the route is up a steep staircase through indigenous Afromotane forest. This offers a little shade, and is unusual for this side of the mountain. You come to the rock fall after about 20 mins climb. The way is still quite clear taking you around the rocks on the right.


The steep Woody ravine

The steep way up Woody Ravine

Once past the rockfall you begin to emerge from the forest. To your right the sheer cliffs of Slangholie buttress cannot help but take your breath away, whilst behind the view of the ocean is really awe inspiring.


The view down Woody ravine

The view of the ocean from near the top of Woody Ravine

There are a couple of small scrambles (no more than big steps) to surmount before the steps even out and take you up the last section of the gorge.


Woody Ravine Table Mountain

Nearing the top of the gorge

At the top you join the main 12 Apostles path. Right will take you South towards Corridor Ravine, Grootkop and Llandudno ravine whilst left will take you towards Kasteelspoort and the cable car.

For more information on this hike and other routes available on Table Mountain contact Ridgway Ramblers.