A sight to see on a Table Mountain hike

I have just returned from doing the full 5 day Hoerigwaggo Trail and had an absolutely fantastic time. Despite the weather being far from perfect we still saw some magnificent views and wonderful sights.

However what was really special to a regular Table Mountain hiker such as myself was the sight of the Woodhead dam overflowing into Disa Gorge. This is on the final days hike when you follow the Disa stream up through the Orange Kloof Reserve and onto the back of Table Mountain.

The woodhead reservoir overflow

The water gushing onto the path

As the dam wall came into sight we were astounded by the huge waterfall gushing down the mountainside and onto the path. As the path is narrow here we had to don our full waterproofs and just walk under the powerful stream. Had we been a day or 2 earlier it is possible we would have had to turn around.

A wonderful treat. Thank you rain Gods.

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