A short hike on Table Mountain

The hike from Rhodes Memorial to the Kings blockhouse on the slopes of Devils Peak is a short sharp hike. You should be able to reach the blockhouse in a little over half an hour but not without a great deal of effort as the path up there is pretty steep. So the return journey can be finished in a little over an hour but you will have had a good workout.

To get there drive to Rhodes memorial above Newlands. Park your car and set off up the steep steps that lead from the car park to the contour path. These steps climb about 150m to where they join the contour path



The steps to the contour path

The steep steps leading up to the contour path


At the contour path turn right an you are almost immediately confronted by a turnstile. Go through here (or over the ladder at the side)


The canon at the blockhouse

The Kings blockhouse. Table Mountain

Once through the stile you are on a jeep track that splits here. Take the left fork that leads up the hill. You can either follow the jeep track around a sweeping turn to the left, or take a steep short cut that leads off the track to the left about 100m after the fork. If you stay on the road it should take you about 15 minutes to reach the blockhouse. This historic ruin was originally built in 1795 by the British and named for King George 111. It was built as a lookout as from here you can see both False and Table Bay and thus much of the Southern suburbs and city.

From the Kings blockhouse there are a number of walks you can do. Along the continuation of the contour path or, after a brief scramble along the upper or middle paths. Alternatively you could follow the knife edge path to the top of Devils Peak from here. Or if stuck for time. Just come back the way you came.

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