A short fun walk on Table Mountain

If you are looking for a short fun walk on Table Mountain I have the perfect hike for you.

The hike up Oppelskop takes you to a height of 570 metres with the most magnificent views of the city. The hike itself should take less than 2 hours and and although it has some uphill sections has none of the scrambling associated with Lions Head.

To get to the start of the hike follow Tafelberg road past the cableway and Platteklip Gorge, to the next big parking area about a kilometre past the Platteklip parking area. Park here and start your hike up the obvious path signed to Devils Peak.

The first part of this hike is pretty steep as you zig zag your way up about 100m to the lower traverse or contour path. This should take you about 10 minutes. When you reach the contour path turn left and follow this wonderful easy path for half an hour. This is the path that you can follow right around the Northern and Eastern facing slopes of the mountain from the cable way station to Constantia Nek.

Today however you turn right off the contour path and head up hill for 20 minutes until turning right and onto the funny little peak of Oppelskop. From the city it is clearly evident standing out from the mountain below Devils Peak and almost directly above the pepperpot towers.

You should be here within an hour and the views are more than worth the minimum effort you put in to get here. Although only 570 meters tall. The views from Oppelskop are absolutely world class.

You can return the way you came in less than an hour, or if you want a slightly longer hike, once back on the main path turn right and continue up to where you join the middle traverse path. From here there are a multitude of options you can follow but the quickest way back to your car is to turn right and follow this path for about 40 minutes which is where it drops down to join the lower traverse again.

The view from Oppelskop

Admiring the view from Oppelskop

Turn right and immediately left and you will be back at your car in 5 minutes.