Scenic Platteklip Gorge

One of the most well known and straight forward hikes up Table Mountain is Platteklip Gorge. This steep canyon goes pretty much straight up the main face overlooking the city of Cape Town.

A very nice addition to this hike is a short section of the contour path from the lower cable way station to the start of the gorge. (The contour path wraps around this, the North face and continues right around the Eastern slopes to Constantia Nek.  This full distance is a days hike on its own)

From Tafelberg rd, you had up the steep steps behind the cable car to the contour path. Once on the contour path you hike for about 45 minutes just below the rock bands on a mainly flat path. Not only are the views incredible but there are many features of the rock face that are interesting such as a couple of waterfalls and one section where you actually walk behind the waterfall.

The contour path on Table Mountain

This stretch offers a nice break in the climb. Once you turn up the gorge slow and steady is definitely the best.

The steep steps of Platteklip Gorge

There is no scrambling however so this really is a route suitable for the whole family. The views looking down are absolutely spectacular.

The last 20 minutes of the climb the gorge narrows into a narrow canyon.


The canyon at the top

For someone of moderate fitness you should be able to do this hike in around 3 hours. It is steep so you will get a good work out but do not have to be an experienced hiker or superman.