A fun hike up Table Mountain

 The Cecelia Ridge hike up Table Mountain

The Cecelia Ridge route up Table Mountain is a quick and fun route that takes you from Cecelia Forest to the cement road in about an hour and a half. It is steep with some very minor scrambling and is sometimes difficult to find initially. However once you are on the path it is quite clear.

To get there park at either Cecelia Forest or top (Rycroft) gate at Kirstenbosch and make your way to the contour path. You then take the Rooikat ravine turn off the contour path. This path is well signposted and is found at the boundary between Kirstenbosch and Cecelia.

Sign on the cntour path

The path is well signed off the contour path

The path leads steeply up past a stand of bluegum trees for about 15 minutes. As it levels out you need to turn off the main path and up Cecelia Rodge. Look for a small path that leads up the mountain to the right. It is a little hidden and sometimes difficult to find.

The steps leading off the contour path

Steep steps lead up the mountain at the beginning of the trail

Once you have found the path it leads almost directly up with a few small zig zags. As it is so steep the path is quite eroded and you do need to use your hands in places.

Scrambling on Cecelia Ridge

Sections of Cecelia Ridge require some minor scrambling

The views behind you of the Southern Suburbs and False Bay are great.

Enjoying the view

The views from Cecelia Ridge are fantastic

After about half an hour of steep climbing the path levels out and after 200m joins the cement road just before the Overseers cottage. From here you can choose from a number of ways down.

Contact Ridgway Ramblers for more information on this hiking trail or for any other trail on Table Mountain