Winter hiking on Table Mountain

Sometimes it is just such a beautiful day that a hike on Table Mountain is an absolute must. It doesn’t matter how often I hike up there, each and every walk is special.

Today was just such a day. Clear blue skies, a high of 17 degrees C, and the mountain beckons.

It might be winter but this is Cape Town

It might be winter but this is Cape Town

Of all the numerous routes up Table Mountain I opted to go up on the Eastern side above Kirstenbosch gardens.

Hiking trails on Table Mountain

Castle Rock above Kirstenbosch gardens indicates the routes of Nursery and Skeleton Gorges

Once on top I hiked through the Ash Valley to the reservoirs and returned via the jeep track at Constantia.

Contact me to organise your hike on Table Mountain.It is so so worth it, at any time of year!