The Aquaduct hike on Table Mountain

The Aquaduct hike on Table Mountain is one of my favourites and arguably the most beautiful. It is quite a long route and not well signed so you do need to go with someone who knows the trail. It is a gorge that runs through the middle of the mountain and is the main feeder stream for both Hely Hutchinson and the Woodhead reservoirs.

To get there you can go up any route but wither Kasteelspoort or Nursery Ravine are probably the quickest. Then head into the centre of the back Table and follow the road to the waterworks museum at the head of the Woodhead dam. From there take a small path through the bushes and head up into the gorge. Once you are on the path it is pretty clear.

Table Mountain hiking trails

Looking from the Aquaduct back towards the reservoirs

After 5 minutes you come to the gorge itself and after crossing the stream begin an easy scramble up the side of the gorge. The views looking down into the gorge are wonderful. The stream trickles all year but has some lovely small waterfalls in the winter and in February is home to some of the best red disa’s to be found.

Table Mountain walks

One of the many waterfalls on this rout

After the easy scramble the path levels out and takes you further into the centre of the mountain before you take a left turn and cross a small bridge. You now follow the actual aquaduct for a short distance before joining smuts track from where you can either turn left and head for Maclears Beacon or right and return to Nursery ravine.

Table Mountain walks

The Aquaduct. Built in the Victorian era and still intact on Table Mountain

To explore this and other trails on Table Mountain contact Binny of Ridgway Ramblers.