Table Mountain hikes

Winter can be one of the best times to walk on Table Mountain. Although we do expect some rain during the winter months (June, July, August) it is certainly not every day and the days in between the rain are usually windless and clear whilst the mountain is magnificently green with waterfalls and small streams abounding.

Other days surpass even the imagination. These are days usually immediately before a cold front hits the city when the front can literally be observed coming in over the Atlantic.

A cold front approaching Cape Town

Getting above the clouds on a Table Mountain hike

The above picture shows the very top of Lions Head peeking out from the clouds.

Yesterday was just such a day on Table Mountain. Cold and damp in the city once on Tafelberg road we were above the clouds and began our hike in warm sunshine. Once on top we could see the clouds completely surrounding the mountain and moving ominously up the 12 Apostles.


the 12 Apostles

No sign of Camps Bay under the clouds

By evening it began to rain and overnight we had 24 mm of rain. This morning the skies are clear and the sun shining again.!!

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