Why walk up Table Mountain

Someone asked me the other day “Why would I want to walk up Table Mountain?” The implication being, why, when there is a perfectly good cable car to carry me to the top. I struggled to answer the question as for me, I have to ask, Why would someone NOT want to hike up Table Mountain.

So I have a put a bit of thought into it, and here goes:

People walk for all sorts of reasons. For many it is really an alternative to going to the gym. How often have I heard Platteklip Gorge being compared to the stairmaster – “good for the buns/butt”. Others, having endured a long haul flight of several hours and the opportunity to take some excercise and get some fresh air is a gift. Still more, having been enjoying the excellent foods and wines of the Cape enjoy an opportunity to work up an appetite. (or work off last nights supper!)

Away from the health and excercise angle there are those who feel a sense of achievement. Who want to be able to say “I climbed up Table Mountain” Or who see a hike as an opportunity to bond with friends and family.

But for many, and certainly for me. Climbing a mountain, or indeed any walk in nature is a meditation or a journey. A way to really see and connect with nature and with the mountain. Whilst walking on Table mountain in particular, you can really see the variety of flora and the changes between different areas on the mountain. During a walk you can escape the crowds and the stress and strains of the city. (lets face it. The restuarant area of Table Mountain can be as busy as the waterfront…..hardly an escape from the city) Take a walk away from this main area and in a very short time you will feel yourself in a wilderness. Surrounded by nature unaffected by the city 1000m below.
So, to conclude: There are hundreds of reasons why you should choose to walk on or up Table Mountain: For health, for excercise, for getting to know old friends and also new ones, to learn about nature and to relax.             

 But most important of all. Take a hike on

 Table Mountain, just because it is fun!!!!

Table Mountain walks


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