The Kasteelspoort viewpoint

onTable Mountain

One of the most famous photographs of Table Mountain is of someone standing on a slab of rock that protrudes from the cliffs. It looks perilous and terrifying. Surely the person is mad!

To get there you need to turn right onto the 12 Apostles path at the top of Kasteelspoort. After a few hundred metres you come to a junction. Turn right again and after 100metres you come to the site of the old cable car. (where the materials for the building of the dams were hauled up the mountain)

The site of the old cable car

The old cable car at the top of Kasteelspoort

 Walk to the cliff edge and you can see the path up Kasteelspoort and Camps Bay below you. Straight ahead and you can’t miss the springboard rock. To get onto the rock there is a small path on the left of where you are standing now. Take that and it leads behind the rocks at the top of the cliff here. Follow the path and you come to an opening in the rocks that leads straight onto the springboard.

It is a little scary to think of the fall beneath you, but the rock is quite broad so as long as you don’t look down its fine.

Kasteelspoort view point