What time of year is best for hiking

on Table Mountain?

We Capetonians are incredibly lucky. Not only do we have this amazing mountain on our doorstep. We also have a really friendly climate for spending large amounts of time in the outdoors taking excercise. Really any time of year is good for hiking !!

Hiking on Table Mountain in the winter

Winter in Cape Town extends from May to the end of August. As our climate is mediterranean it is during these months that we have the most rainfall. This does not mean days of endless rain. The wettest month is June with an average rainfall of 98mm. (compare this to the average rainfall of 107mm in the UK in their summer month of June)  So with possibly a day or 2 of rain each week the remaining days can have clear blue skies and very little wind. With an average day time temperatures of 18 degrees C the winter is really a great time to enjoy some hiking on Table Mountain. You do need to be prepared for wet and cold conditions. But the waterfalls and streams on the mountain are at their best and much of the fynbos also chooses this time of year to sparkle. The common pincushion, paperflower and fleur-de-lys (to name a few) all flower during the winter months.

waterfall on contour path above Hout Baywaterfalls on Table Mountain














Hiking on Table Mountain during the summer

Spring officially comes to Cape Town on the 1st September. Quite when summer offically begins I am not sure but midsummer is the months of January, February and March. The average temperature during January is 26 degrees C and the average rainfall a mere 9mm. The main concern when hiking during these months is ensuring you take sufficient water and have a hat. The flora doesn’t let you down either. The King Protea is magnificent during the late summer all over the mountain and of course the red disa flowers during February.

A magnificent King Protea

A magnificent King Protea

So whatever time of year you are in Cape Town. Make sure you pack your hiking boots, because any time of year is the best time to walk on Table Mountain.