Hike up Table Mountain instead of

cycling the Argus

Got a morning to spare in Cape Town? A guided hike on Table Mountain is the perfect way to spend your time.

I must admit I am a big fan of the Argus cycle tour. I have completed it 10 times and loved every one. The past 2 years though, I have enjoyed a hike up Table Mountain when everyone else is cycling around it.

Some points are obviously difficult to get to. Camps Bay would be pretty impossible, and Kirstenbosch or Constantia Nek only possible via main road. (The M3 South obviously being closed) The easiest is to join all the cyclists heading for the city and do Platteklip Gorge or India Venster.

This morning we started up Platteklip at 6.30am. Just as it was getting light. The weather was perfect (for us and the cyclists) cool with a light breeze.

We started as the sun was rising.

We were joined today by Helen whose husband was cycling and hoped to be off the mountain before he finished his race!  We took our time with lots of stops to admire the view.

Peter and Helen having a break

We didn’t see too much in the way of wildlife although we did hear a dassie alarm call and Peter was dive bombed by some pied crows. We chatted to people from all over the world and were humbled by some school boys running up the trail!

The top is in sight!

After 3 hours we reached the top.

A perfect day in good company. Took the cable car down in time to go and support the tired cyclists.