Walking on Table Mountain in the rain

Whatever the weather a walk on Table Mountain is never disappointing

At long last it seems as if winter has arrived in Cape Town. I don’t know the statistics but suspect July was one of the driest on record. So I really mustn’t complain about the rain over the last few days. In fact on Sunday a few brave souls joined me on a walk on Table Mountain despite the weather and we actually had a fantastic walk.

We decided to stay low and look at as many waterfalls as possible. So we started at Kirstenbosch Gardens and headed towards Cecelia waterfall. This is one of my favourite places on the mountain and it is even more impressive in the rain. The waterfall reaches metres above your head and the greenery surrounding it just adds to the beauty.

The impressive Cecelia Waterall on Table Mountain

On the way to the waterfall the rainfall was light and the clouds quite low over the forest. Totally different from a sunny day today the mountain almost had a rainforest feel about it.

Looking along Table Mountain from the waterfall path

Once we rejoined the contour path we continued along it in the direction of Newlands Forest. In a couple of places we had to rock hop to cross small streams gushing across the path. Nothing too difficult, we all managed to keep our feet dry.

The next 2 streams to cross the path are at the bottoms of Nursery Ravine and Skeleton Gorge respectively.

The bottom of Nursery Ravine

Whilst the Nursery stream offered a minor challenge to cross, the Skeleton stream pours down a huge slab of rock creating yet another beautiful waterfull filled with the pristine clean water from Table Mountain.

The Skeleton Gorge waterfall on Table Mountain

 Today we were keener on the flask of ginger rooibos we had with us. But it is still amazing to think that so close to the city the water coming off Table Mountain is completely clean and drinkable.  

From here we headed back to Kirstenbosch Gardens and home. The walk took 3 hours and we were pretty damp when we got home. However we had deserved our lunch and had really really enjoyed our wet walk on Table Mountain