Hiking in the winter on Table


We are lucky in Cape Town in that we really don’t get many miserable days. Throughout the winter we get many wonderful hiking days with clear horizons and perfect temperatures.

However yesterday and today are just plain wet. Table Mountain is shrouded in a thick cloud and the North Westerly wind is gale force, so whilst its fairly mild in town I would guess it is freezing on the Table Top.

The waterfalls gushing down the slopes of Table Mountain

If you are like me (and have dogs needing excercise) there are still opportunities for really enjoyable walks even in this weather! The Kirstenbosch (South Easterly) side of the mountain is out of the wind, and the trees offer a semblance of shelter of the rain. 

Obviously in this weather going to the top of the mountain would probably not be pleasant but walking along the contour path can be really beautiful. The best place to start is at Kirstenbosch Rycroft gate. (dogs can’t enter Kirstenbosch at the main gate) Follow the paths where dogs are permitted and you join the contour path where it leaves Cecelia Forest. Turn right and just follow the path. It winds along the side of the mountain passing numerous streams and small waterfalls. After really heavy rain you might have to get your feet wet at a couple of river crossings but this all adds to the fun.

Waterfalls cascade down the mountain

There are numerous paths down into Kirstenbosch from the contour path. If you have dogs with you you will have to continue as far as Newlands forest (about an hours hike) or turn around and retrace your steps.

You will be wet by the end of the hike. But with the right company a walk in the rain can still be fun.