Table Mountain hikes after the


Don’t be put off hiking in the winter in Cape Town. Although we are a winter rainfall area we get some beautiful clear days as well, and Table Mountain after a day of rain is even more beautiful than during the summer.

Waterfalls cascade down the sides. On the Camps Bay side they slow to a trickle pretty quickly whilst on the Kirstenbosch side they continue to flow strongly for several days.

A waterfall above Hout Bay

Myburghs waterfall above Constantia

On the mountain itself numerous small streams criss cross the paths.  

 The water is clean and pure although the colour may surprise you.( I call it coca cola water!) The brown colour is the tannins that come from the roots of the fynbos plants and are good for you!

The pristine water on Table Mountain is brown in colour

So if you are in Cape Town this winter don’t forget to plan for at least a half days hike. It really is worth it.

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