An adventurous day trip which

includes walking up Table

Mountain, and abseiling down.

Cape Town is a city that has so much to offer the energetic and adventurous tourist. Mountain biking, surfing, sailing, seas kayaking and many more are all easily available within a very short distance from the city centre.

Of course, one of the main attractions of the city is Table Mountain itself. Ridgway Ramblers is offering an exciting day trip that combines hiking up the mountain with abseiling down it. The combination of these 2 activities give some of the best views of the city and surrounding area, and provide an adventure that requires no previous experience or skills.

There are several ways of reaching the top of Table Mountain but for this adventure we recommend the India Venster route. This is a “scramble” path, which means it is an easy climb that requires no ropes or climbing equipment. The route pretty much goes under the cable car for the first half of the walk.

Table Mountain. India Venster path

The India Venster path includes some easy climbing

For the second half of the walk it follows the Fountain ledge around the mountain overlooking Camps Bay. After the final scramble above Camps Bay you emerge at the very place where your abseil will deposit you a little later!! For now you continue around the mountain and emerge at the top about 10 minutes walk from the cable car.

Table Mountain. India Venster path

The view of Cape Town from the India Venster route

The abseil takes place from the main Table area. At 110 metres it is the highest commercially run abseil in the world. Once you are harnessed up and the rudiments of abseiling have been explained, you scramble to a rock ledge just behind the safety wall at the top of the mountain. From here you lean out and begin to lower yourself. After a few metres the cliff gives way to an overhang which leaves you dangling 1000m above Cape Town. Initially it is scary but you soon get the idea and gently lower yourself down to the waiting instructor on the ledge below.

The combination of climbing and abseiling leaves you with such a feeling of exhilaration and achievement. It takes a bit longer but is way more satisfying than taking the cable car up and down.