Adventurous hiking for everyone

Via Feratta is the Italian word for “Road of iron” It is a term used to describe mountain routes with fixed cables and ladders that make the route accessible to a wider range of people.

I ventured to the Via Ferrata route at the Honister slatemine in the English Lakedistrict. The entire route takes you about 3 hours to complete and includes a cable bridge, climbing up a cargo net, a traverse around a cliff face and numerous ladders.

Although a general level of fitness is required there are no specific skills required. Just the ability to overcome natures natural fear of falling.

You are equipped with a climbing harness and 2 slings on carabinas. So throughout the climb you are always attached to a safety cable. You do need to change from cable to cable but by doing one carabina at a time make sure you are safe at all times.

via ferrata

Traversing a cliff face


So if you are in the English Lakedistrict and keen for a bit of adventure. Head for the Honister slatemine. Its found about half an hours drive out of Keswick.