Hiking up Platteklip Gorge on Table


Veronica from the UK has proved that you don’t have to be young and bouncingly fit in order to climb Table Mountain. Just keep going slowly and you will get there.!!

Veronica (aged 60 something) and her friend Melonie signed up with Ridgway Ramblers for a half day walk up Platteklip gorge.  They were collected at 3pm from their backpacking lodge with an aim to summiting and taking the last cable car down at 7pm.

The first 100m were tough. Going straight into the steep gorge quickly informed the ladies this would not be a “walk in the park” However, once the legs and lungs were warmed up progress continued at a steady pace. With lots of stops to catch our breath and have a chat. By 6.30 we were almost there. Approaching the narrowing gorge that leads to the top.

Only I (the guide) knew that there is a final little haul up about 10m to reach the cable car station. I kept very quiet about this and ran off at 6.40pm in order to buy the tickets and ensure the last cable car didn’t leave without us. This left Veronica and Melonie to walk from the Gorge to the cable car. Apparently the mountain resoounded with a few choice words when they saw the final scramble. However they made it without difficulty.

Reaching the cable car bang on 7pm for the last car down and a chance to see the first time the lights were switched on in the new stadium in Green Point.

A few gin and tonics later, and all the muscle aches were forgotton.

At the bottom of the gorge. Ready to climb!

At the bottom of the gorge. Ready to climb!