Afromotane Forest of Table


Table Mountain is more well known for beautiful views than for forest hikes. However on the Kirstenbosch side of the mountain there are some beautiful patches of Afromotane forest particularly concentrated in the river gorges. These then are the trees that line Skeleton and Nursery gorges as well as Orange Kloof.

Whilst there are several types of tree in the forest 2 that I find the most impressive are the Rooiels and the Keurboom.

The Rooiels or blossom tree (Virgilia divaricata) is a beautifully scented tree with pea shaped pink flowers. Whilst in blossom walking under a tree is a wonderful experience.

A Keurboom tree in full blossom

The Rooiels or butterspoon tree (Cunonia capensis) is easily recognisable by the stipule at the tip of its stems which is shaped like a butterspoon.

The butterspoon of a rooiels tree

The flower of the rooiels is also easily recognisable as it is shaped like an erect bottle brush.

The erect rooiels flower

 Both these trees are found throughout the forests and river gorges on Table Mountain in all shapes and sizes.