Should I hike up Table Mountain or

 take the cable car?

Whilst Table Mountain itself is the main draw card. One of the most popular tourist attractions of South Africa is the aeriel cableway transporting people to its top. In fact, in December 2004 it carried its 16 millionth visitor!!

The present cable car was installed in 1997. It carries a maximum of 65 passengers and a trip to the mountain top takes between 4 and 5 minutes. From it visitors can see the most astounding 360 degree views of Cape Town and her beautiful surrounds.

However, as with all mechanical creations, in order for safety to be assured regular maintenance is vital. Thus the cable way closes annually for this to take place. At this time of year, I escort many tourists up the mountain, who would never have previously thought of walking up instead of riding up.

Without fail, all those who make their way up the mountain by foot admit they will never again succumb to laziness and avoid taking such excercise.

If the 360 degree views from the cable car are magnificent, how much more magnificent are they when seen between the towering walls of Platteklip gorge. Those more adventurous try a walk up another path and also take the opportunity to see other parts of the mountain. The dams on the Back Table, Groot Kop, the waterworks museum and more. Many return to try other routes, see the different vegetation on the different sides of the mountain, or just to introduce friends to the pleasures of hiking.

So next time you want to see Cape Town from on high.

Consider a hike instead of a ride!



Ridgway Ramblers offer a variety of walks on Table Mountain. Suitable for the whole family this is a w0nderful way to spend the day. Many of our hikes end in the cable car so it is possible to enjoy both a hike and the cable car.