A Protea Tree found on Table


The Silver Tree (Leucadendron argenteum) is one of my favourite sights in Kirstenbosch and on Lions Head. Your eye cannot help but be drawn to the amazing colour of the leaves as they catch the sun, and on closer inspection be amazed by the velvet texture of the leaves.

Leucadendron argenteum

A silver tree in Kirstenbosch gardens

These lovely plants are endemic to the Cape Peninsula and seem to only be found on Lions Head and in the Kirstenbosch area. It is a tree protea and usually grows to a height of  +/-7metres although there are a few larger ones around.
The silky texture of the leaves is due to the fine silver coloured hairs that cover each leaf. These are an adaptaion to the climate as they help prevent the leaves from drying out.
The silky silver tree leaves

The velvet texture of the silvertree leaves is quite striking

The Silvertree is a flowering plant with cone like flowers. The seeds are mainly wind dispersed, but birds also spread the seeds when using the seeds as nesting material.
Overlooking the 12 Apostles from Lions Head

Overlooking Camps Bay and the 12 apostles from Lions Head