A steep and dramatic climb up Table


The hike up Platteklip, although one of the simplest routes is still one of the most enjoyable ways to climb Table mountain. From below the gorge itself is largely hidden leaving first time climbers wondering how they will assail the steep cliffs.

However after a short climb along the Platteklip River leading to the junction with the upper contour path. The route is revealed.

view of route from the bottom

view of route from the bottom

A steep unrelenting climb that shrinks into a narrow gorge close to the top.

The name Platteklip means “flat rock”in Afrikaans but the path is anything but flat. Clear steps mark the way, and regular stops to admire the view ensure the time goes quickly.

The final 100 meters are awe inspiring as the cliff faces narrow to only a few meters across at the top. The view shrinking from a panorama of the city, Blouberg strand and Robin Island, to a small view of the city alone.

Almost at the top

The top of Platteklip narrows dramatically

Emerging at the top tired and hot is a relief but well worth it. From here one can walk the relatively flat route to Maclears Beacon. (At 1085m, the highest point on Table Mountain) or going in the other direction, visit the upper cable station.

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