What wildlife will I see on a Table

Mountain hike?

The Himalayan Tahrs that are found on Table Mountain were imported into South Africa by Cecil John Rhodes in the early 1900’s. Initially they resided in a zoo on the slopes of Table Mountain but in 1936, they managed to escape. About the size of a large goat with the males sporting a shaggy mane. Their rubber like hooves proved ideal for the rocky terrain so they adapted to the environment and made it their home.



Since 2000 there have been several attempts to erradicate the population. This due to the erosion they cause and the desire to reintroduce the indigenous klipspringer to the mountain. It was felt that the Tahr was now filling the niche the klipspringer would need to slot into. Since the decision was made there have been at least 2 attempts by sharp shooters to eliminate them.

However, I have certainly seen a last remaining Tahr on at least 3 occasions in the past year.

I do hope he’s not the only one left. Must be pretty lonely if so !!

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