The most exposed hike on Table Mountain

Don’t look down!

The craziest hike on Table Mountain is incredibly easy from a walking point of view. There is no scrambling, its not steep and all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other. The only thing is the path is quite narrow and whilst on one side there is a sheer wall, on the other side there is a sheer drop into Ascension ravine below. If you have even a mild fear of heights DO NOT attempt this walk. It is crazy!.


To get there you take a small path that leads off Smuts track just before the last 2 easy scrambles on this route. Follow the path for 5 minutes through the waist deep fynbos until you reach the edge of the mountain. Step with care onto the ledge and follow it for 20 hair raising minutes until the final easy scramble brings you up a short walk from Maclears Beacon. At places the path is extremely thin (+/- 30cm) As you walk you try to press yourself into the wall on your other side. I hold my breathe for the whole way (well it feels like it anyway!!) Really this is a terrifying but exhilerating route.  But best not tried for the first time without someone who is already familiar with the path.