The Cecelia Waterfall hike on Table


The Cecelia Waterfall route on Table Mountain is one of the most beautiful and also quite short. A fit person can complete the full circuit in less than 2 hours. It is quite steep in places so still gives the feeling of a good workout. 

Leaving from Kirstenbosch gardens you need to head directly towards the mountain.  It is better to Park at Top Gate (Rycroft Gate) as the route takes you from the Gardens towards Constantia Nek. Just head straight up following signs to the contour path. Once on the contour path follow the signs towards Constantia Nek. Look for a path leading up the mountain on your right signposted Rooikat Ravine. This is your route.

The beginning of the path up to the ravine

The path as it leads steeply off the contour path

Initially you head straight up. It is steep but keep going. The rewards are worth it! Here it is quite open and you enjoy wonderful views of the Gardens and right over False Bay. However, on reaching the top the path heads down and becomes surrounded by indigenous forest. It leads through one impressive little river gorge and up the other side. Again down, this time into the little gorge that holds Cecelia Waterfall. Here is a perennial stream that although small stretches over a wide area of cliff before falling 10m to the floor. The steady trickle ensures a green moss lining on the wall, and several trees cling precariously to the cliff face providing an altogether fairy like atmosphere to the area. In the summer it is wonderful to stand under the steadily dripping trickle and enjoy a short shower in the shade before moving on.

The moss lined walls of Cecelia Waterfall

The moss lined walls of Cecelia Waterfall

From here the path climbs out of the gorge and meets a junction with another path. Go straight ahead and start a steep descent of the mountain back onto the contour path in Cecelia Forest. From here it is a 15 minute walk back into the Gardens and back to your car.

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