An easy hike on Table Mountain to

a beautiful waterfall

The Cecelia Waterfall hike on Table Mountain is among the most beautiful. It is also relatively easy and quick requiring only 2 hours to complete the entire circuit. It doesn’t take you right to the top of the mountain but it does take you to a beautiful dell with a perennial waterfall that even in the middle of summer continues to dribble over the edge of the fall. 

To get there you park in the Cecelia Forest parking area. From there head up the road and follow it around to the right. At the next left bend you go straight ahead and after about 100m, just before crossing a small stream look for a path heading straight up through the trees. Follow this path for 5 minutes until you join a main jeep track at a junction.  Cross this road and look for the small path that leads straight up the mountain. This path leads up the mountain through beautiful indigenous forest crossing the stream a number of times until at a height of 460m (about half an hours climb) you reach another junction.

The path to the waterfall is shaded by indigenous forest

The path to the waterfall is shaded by indigenous forest

Follow the path straight ahead. This path now follows the contour initially before dropping down 50m to the falls. This beautiful area is well shaded and cooled by the continuously dropping water. One large tree has fallen down and lies across the path but several are still clinging onto the cliff which is lined with moss and incredibly beautiful. There are always pools of water for the dogs and the chance for a shower or refill of water bottles under the dripping moss.

Cecelia waterfall

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Once rested follow the path up and out of the dell. It leads you up for short way and then follows the contour for another few metres before dropping back down again through another small gorge. Once through here the final small climb of the day and out of the trees. Below you now lies the Kirstenbosch dam and Bishops court. Some steep steps lead you straight down to rejoin the contour path above the gardens. Turn right and follow the path back to the junction with the jeep track you passed earlier today.