What to look out for on a Table

Mountain hike

The sundews on Table Mountain, are generally found in damp areas. Belonging to the family Droseracea, these beautiful, and dainty little plants spell death to any unsuspecting insect that alights on their leaves.

These leaves (or tentacles) are covered in tiny hairs and secrete and sticky mucus. Any fly landing there is instantly stuck and enclosed in the leaf. Which then secretes enzymes to break down the body of the fly so it can be absorbed. 

 The plants are named sundews due to the appearance of the leaves. The sticky secretion gives them the  permanent appearance of having morning dew on them                                                                                                                 

There are 130 species of Droseraceae found throughout the world. 2 of those commonly found on Table Mountain are pictured below.                       


droseracae familysundew












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