Walk on Table Mountain,

overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

and Camps Bay

The 12 apostles of Table Mountain are the cliffs and peaks found on the Western Flank of the mountain

Stretching from the flat top of the mountain above the city to Hout Bay these steep sided tops tower over Camps Bay and the Atlantic seaboard. From below they appear sheer and inaccessible. However, one of the most strenuous and also most enjoyable walks on the Table Mountain chain extends from Llandudno to Kasteelspoort. Right along the top of the peaks.

Ascending the steep Llandudno ravine the route takes you around the back of Groot Kop and follows along the 12 apostles with absolutely unbeatable views of the Atlantic Ocean.

view from the 12 apostles over the Atlantic

view from the 12 apostles over the Atlantic

Before descending Kasteelspoort it is worth a visit to the viewpoint, where one of the greatest photo spots on the mountain awaits.