Hiking up Platteklip Gorge in Cape Town

It would be untrue to say that we don’t get miserable days in Cape Town. We do have winter rainfall and sometimes it does rain for several days in a row. It can also get pretty chilly. Not really cold, nothing below freezing but enough to make you bring out your thermal underwear.

However, most of the time winter is a wonderful time to be on Table Mountain. The past week has been perfect. Blue skies and light winds. During the day temperatures have been as high as 25 degrees C.

Today I hiked up Platteklip Gorge with a group of young lacrosse players from the states. They have been in South Africa on a volunteer programme introducing the sport to our disadvantaged communities. What a wonderful way to meet people and see our beautiful country.

Now, at the end of their time in South Africa, they have taken some well deserved time out. And being the sporty girls they are they opted to hike up Table Mountain as oppose to just taking the cable car.

We began the hike as the sun was rising over Table Bay


All very relaxed at the half way point


We made it. What a view!

Last group shot before the cable car ride down