Hiking on Table Mountain –

Newlands Ravine

Explore Table Mountain on a guided hike with Ridgway Ramblers

Newlands ravine is the gorge that leads from the Southern Suburbs up to the saddle that lies between Devils Peak and Table Mountain. There are other routes from the Southern suburbs but this is the only non technical hiking route that takes you onto the saddle from this side of the mountain.

 The top of the gorge is at a height of 680 metres so although steep it is a relatively short gorge. To get there you park at the Newlands Forest station and head up the road towards towards the mountain. At the T junction turn left. After 2 minutes you cross a small stream, turn right into the forest here. Follow the path up to where it joins with another forest road, Turn right and at the next junction (almost immediately) take the path that leads straight up through the forest. Continue along this path for 20 minutes and then bear left. At the next forest trail continue up the hill until reaching a path that is signed “contour path” head up here.

You reach the contour path about an hour after leaving your car. Turn right and follow the path until reaching a circular wooden picnic spot. This marks the start of the ravine.

The picnic spot marks the start of Newland Ravine

The first part of the ravine follows some rocky steps through the forest.

The first part of the ravine is shaded by the forest

After 20 minutes you leave the trees behind you and begin to zig zag up towards the saddle. The path is quite clear although in summer it can be dry and dusty. Another 20 minutes and you reach the saddle.

The top of Newlands Ravine

Once at the top you have a number of choices. You can cross the saddle and drop down onto Tafelberg Road, summit Devils Peak or follow the middle traverse path that will lead you around Devils Peak to Rhodes memorial. All are wonderful walks offering a variety of views.