A scramble route on the 12

Apostles of Table Mountain

Diagonal Path is one of my favourite routes up Table Mountain on the Camps Bay side. It is a bit of a scramble but has no real exposure so most people should manage it. It is especially nice as you rarely see anyone else on this path. I often take this route on the weekend when Kasteelspoort might be quite busy.

The path itself is well signed off the Pipe Track. It is beteween Kasteelspoort and the city so you can start from either the top of Kloof Nek or from Theresa avenue.  The route takes you up quite steeply to begin with until levelling out and taking you around Porcupine buttress.

A scramble section on Diagonal path

It then climbs up Porcupine ravine following the river bed. This is the most difficult scrambling of the route as it is very steep. Those with hiking sticks will have to pack them away for a while here as you need both hands free.

Following the Diagonal Path up Porcupine ravine

 Be carefull not to miss the path as it leads away from the river to the right. The path is clear but the river continues up so if you are not looking for the path you can pass it without realising it is there.

The view from Jubilee buttress

The path leads around jubilee buttress until the final up hill takes you straight into valley of the Red Gods on the 12 Apostles path. Turn left and return to your car via Kasteelspoort or right and head through the Valley of Isolation to Echo Valley and the main table.