The cable car will be closed for annual maintenance between July 23rd and August 5th. This however does mean that you cannot still walk up Table Mountain.

Walking up Table Mountain offers you the chance to really experience Table Mountain as a mountain. Not just another view spot. There are numerous routes up the mountain depending on what you want to see, how strenuous a walk you want etc.

Hiking up Table Mountain

Platteklip gorge overlooks the city

Platteklip gorge is one of the most popular routes up the mountain. It takes you to the cable car area so you can see all the classic city views. (It is lovely to be there without all the crowds) Other routes take you away from the cable car area and more into the wilderness that is Table Mountain.


For those of you who doubt your ability to complete the climb up and down the mountain there are several easier options. All offering wonderful views and a way to experience the splendour of Table Mountain without actually have to climb up the full 1000m.Hiking up Lions Head

Lions Head is a shorter hike that can be completed in a couple of hours. Although certainly not flat and with a little bit of scambling once on top many will say the views are actually better than those from Table Mountain.

The Pipe Track follows a flattish route around the mountain above Camps Bay. This is a walk with amazing views and a chance to learn about the history of Table Mountain that the whole family can enjoy.

The Eastern slopes of Table Mountain above Kirstenbosch offer many opportunities for shorter walks to visit spectacular places of beauty through the indigenous forest.  So if you are in Cape Town, take the opportunity to get away from the crowds and explore Table Mountain. There is a hike to suit all ages and fitness levels.