A guided hike with a qualified Table Mountain Guide

Discover the wonders of Table Mountain on a personally guided hike with Ridgway Ramblers.

There are a number of reasons to join a guided hike on Table Mountain. A few of these reasons being; Safety, to get off the beaten track, for information on the flora/fauna/history etc.

If you do choose to go on a guided hike, it is important to check the guide is properly qualified and registered.

In order to guide hikes on Table Mountain a guide needs to be qualified by the “Mountaineering Development and Training Trust” (MDT) The MDT was established in 1994 and has developed a training programme based on International standards and precedent. Candidates undergo training in a number of modules including: Navigation, The environment, hazards and risk minimisation, first aid, emergencies, group maintenace etc.

Each individual is then assessed both theoretically and practically. Once qualified a guide is required to register with the provincial authority as a tour guide.

Ridgway Ramblers will only use qualified and registered mountain guides. This way your safety is ensured.