Table Mountain hikes in the spring

Spring in South Africa officially begins on the first of September.  At this time of year the spring flowers in the Namaqualand are legendary following the rainfall of the winter months. The dry landscape is transformed in a carpet of colour by a magnificent aray of flowers.

In Cape Town Spring can extend right through October with the weather being a little unpredicatable. Many visitors to the mountain at this time of year mention the beauty of the flowers. Indeed there are a number of beautiful flowers to be found. Table Mountain though is fortunate that Spring time is not an usual time, in that through out the year there is always something blooming on the mountain.

Here are a few of the flowers to look for in the Spring on Table Mountain.

The Cape Everlasting

The Cape Everlasting is is seen on much of the mountain. It is remarkable for its dry almost papery leaves

The common Tickberry

The Tickberry bears a purple fruit that resembles a bloated tick - hence the name

The beautiful painted lady

The painted lady is especially noticable in places that have been damaged by fire

An Arum lilly on Table Mountain

The handsome Arum Lilly is common on Table Mountain.

The pincushions of Table Mountain

These large shrublike plants are members of the Protea family


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