Hiking legends from Table


All mountains have many legends and stories surrounding them. Some true, some fantastic. One of my favourite fables from Table Mountain is that of Matthew Jackson Gulley which is found on the Pipe Track of Table Mountain.

Matthew Jackson was 5 years old when in 1974 his mother took him on a walk along the Pipe Track with some friends. This is a beautiful and easy walk perfectly suitable for young children. Having walked some distance along the path the group stopped for a picnic lunch. Whilst the parents chatted and the children were free to explore.

After a few moments one of the adults glancing at the children noticed to her horror that Matthew had managed to walk half way across one of the pipes after which the Pipe Track is named. This pipe cuts across a corner of the path and is suspended around 20m above the ground thus a slip by the youngster could be extremely serious or fatal.

The Pipe cutting across a corner of the Pipe Track

The Pipe cutting across a corner of the Pipe Track

 Thinking quickly, the friend clamped a hand over Matthews mothers mouth before she could scream and said, “that’s very clever Matthew, lets see if you can cross all the way over”  Oblivious to the danger, the youngster wobbled all the way across to the safety of terra firma.