The proteas of Nursery Ravine

Nursery Ravine which leads up onto the back table area of Table Mountain is found behind Kirstenbosch Gardens. It runs up the left side of Castle Rock whilst Skeleton Gorge runs up the right side.

From the gardens you follow signs which lead first to the contour path and then to the steep gorge itself. The first half of the gorge takes you through some stunning (and shady) indiginous forest with a stream running down the side right through the summer. Emerging out of the forest and into the sun at  “half way rock” a rest to admire the view is in order. A panorama of the Southern suburbs of the city and False Bay unfolds stretching all the way accross the bay to Hangklip on a clear day.

Nursery Ravine

 Nursery Ravine. Table MountainContinuing up the gorge, one cannot help but notice the magnificent array of King Proteas that line the route. During the late summer when these are flowering it is nothing short of a field of Proteas. Tall and proud these, the National flowers of South Africa seem to admire the view themselves as they lead you higher up the gorge.

A King Protea on Nursery Ravine

A King Protea on Nursery Ravine

  Eventually a short ladder leads to the very top.