It is important to be properly

 prepared for a hike on Table


Table Mountain is surely one of the most recognisable natural features in the world. For many the view from the city or a ride in a cable car suffice but for keen walkers and hikers the combination of sea, sky and mountain make it one of the most spectacular destinations in the world.
Both the walks and the mountain herself are extremely varied. Ranging from a leisurely walk along a beach to a real cliffhanger.

Whatever walk you choose to do being prepared is important. Table Mountain may be in the middle of a large and cosmolitan city but it is still a mountain with all he accompanying dangers. Being on the Southern tip of Africa and being a huge lump of rock suddenly rising 1000m up, the most important dangers relate to the weather. It can be a beautiful day in Cape Town whilst on the mountain it is cold and wet. On the other hand it can appear cool when walking up a shady kloof in the early morning, but by midday in the blazing sun heatstroke is a common problem. Another common problem is getting lost when in a couple of seconds clouds move in and hide any recognisable features. So when walking on Table Mountain, please stick to a few basic rules:

Some Mountain safety tips

1. Never climb alone
2. Allow plenty of time to get up and down in daylight
3. Stick to recognised paths
4. Tell someone where you are going, and stick to that plan.
5. Always be prepared for bad weather. Take a warm jersey and
  wateproof coat.

6. Take plenty of  water  

Cloud cover on Table Mountain

Cloud cover on Table Mountain