Walking up Snowdon reminds me

of walking up Table Mountain

Snowdon mountain found in the Snowdonia National Park  is the highest mountain in Wales. Having already climbed the highest mountains in Scotland  and England(Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike) I have had my sights on Snowdon for some time. Finally I got there yesterday. But what really surprised me was the many similarities between Snowdon and Table Mountain.

Table Mountain is 1085 metres at its highest point. Have a look at how high Snowdon is.

Exactly the same! Another similarity is that the summit is perfectly attainable for anyone of moderate fitness. There are a number of routes up both mountains which are straight hiking trails. No ropes or even scrambling required.

But best of all is that both mountains offer a cheat for those unable to hike up! Table Mountain has the cable car. Snowdon has a train!


The train offers a cheat route up Snowdon

 I suspect the weather might be the major difference between the 2 mountains. I was fortunate to be on Snowdon for a perfect hiking day. Clear but not too hot. I understand that to get clear views from the top of Snowdon is not exactly common!